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            Windows Update 1809 in connection with encrypted data

            ID: 18120301
            Languages: EN, DE
            Components: EgoSecure Agent, Folder Encryption
            Affected versions: 10.1.x and higher
            Fix versions: 13.3.927.3 and higher
            Operating system: Windows 10 from build 1809

            On clients, where the Folder Encryption module is used, the Windows 10 Update, build 1809 cannot be carried out.

            On the client, there is user data encrypted with Folder Encryption. The access to encrypted data is granted only to the owner of the used encryption key. During the Windows Update 1809, a system process, which doesn't have an encryption key, tries to open the encrypted data. Folder encryption then denies access. The Windows Update stops.

            The access to user data because of October 2018 Update 1809 caused many other interrelated problems, which is the reason why the release was initially postponed. On 13.11.2018, Microsoft announced that it will provide the Update little by little.
            Check how the Windows Update deployment is configured in your environment and disable updates temporarily.

            Microsoft offers the following Show or hide updates troubleshooter package:
            Preventing a Windows Update from reinstalling in Windows 10 temporarily (Microsoft Support article and download using wushowhide.diagcab)

            See also:
            Servicing channels and maintenance tools to manage and deploy Windows 10 Updates
            Current Windows 10 versions by a deployment model

            To avoid problems connected with Folder Encryption while installing the 1809 update, we recommend that you upgrade to EgoSecure Data Protection 13.3.927.3 .
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            Further information
            Update history of Windows 10 versions and their builds.

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            Updated: 05 Apr 2019 01:57 PM
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