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            EgoSecure Data Protection - Demo

            ID: 18080301
            Languages: EN, DE
            Components: EgoSecure Server, EgoSecure Agents
            Operating system: Windows
            The demo version of the EgoSecure Data Protection quickly gives you an overview of the functionality of the EgoSecure Management Console. Once the SSL certificate is downloaded and imported, you can open the mobile Console. It is not needed to install the EgoSecure Data Protection or an SQL database.

            If you want to get an overview of the EgoSecure Agent client component in addition, download the MSI package and certificate for the Agent.

            Login data

            Port: 7005
            Login: Demo
            Password: Demo

            Password: Demo
            Starting Demo
            1. Download the mobile Console for your palform ( EgoSecureConsole.exe for 64bit or EgoSecureConsoleWin32.exe for 32bit).
            2. Download the SSL certificate sslcert_console for the Console.
            3. Import the certificate for the current Windows user. Instruction
            4. Start the mobile Console.

            Starting Console
            1. Double-click the EgoSecureConsole.exe file.
            ⇒ The Console login window opens.
            2. Enter the connection data:
                Port : 7005
            3. Click on the lock in the Server field.

            ⇒ A window where you need to select the certificate opens.
            4. Click OK to confirm.
            ⇒ The lock in the Server field becomes green.
            5. Enable the Use EgoSecure authentication check box.
            6. Enter the login data:
                Login : Demo
                Password : Demo
            7. Click OK .
            ⇒ The Console is now ready for use. The welcome dialog with first steps appears.

            1. Download the MSI package according to your platform ( ESAgentSetup_x64.msi  or ESAgentSetup.msi ).
            2. Download the SSL certificate sslcert_agent.p12 for the Agent.
            3. Import the certificate for the local computer. For details, see: Importing certificate
            4. Double-click the MSI file.
            ⇒ The installation progress dialog appears.

            ⇒ Once the installation is finished, the Agent starts. In the rights section of the Windows taskbar, you will see the icon .
            6. Double-click the icon to open the Agent.

            Resolving connection failure while opening EgoSecure Agent
            If no certificate is available after installing EgoSecure Agent , the Agent remains inactive and the following message appears :

            1. Make sure that a valid certificate is available for the computer and click Certificate in the massage to select the certificate from the certificate store. For details, see: Importing certificate
            2. In the EgoSecure Agent , click Refresh rights to enable it.



            Win x64
            33.2 MB
            Mobile Management Сonsole - EgoSecure Data Protection

            Win x86
            26.7 MB
            Mobile Management Сonsole - EgoSecure Data Protection

            Win x86 & x64
            3.4 KB
            SSL certificate - Management Сonsole

            Win x86
            50.4 MB
            EgoSecure Agent - installation paсkage for x86 systems

            Win x64
            55.8 MB
            EgoSecure Agent - installation package for x64 systems

            Win x86 & x64
            3.4 KB
            SSL certificate - EgoSecure Agent

            Updated: 13 Aug 2018 04:23 PM
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